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How it Works

Welcome to Platinum Equine Auction!

These days everything is online… from car shopping to ordering groceries and yes even buying horses! The auction method has been the fairest way to buy and sell things for over 150 years and for anyone who is not familiar with this type of website allows us to explain the process…

  • We select trusted sellers to put horses up for auction on our site.
  • Each horse must have a negative coggins and is encouraged to have a statement of health and soundness.
  • Each horse must have a very detailed video showing a variety of abilities that horse processes.
  • Each auction lasts from 2 to 4 weeks and within that time prospective buyers can call and talk to the owners of the horse and discuss their specific traits and decide if they could be the correct horse for them.
  • In addition to speaking with the sellers the prospective buyers have the option to go and test ride any horse before they bid. BEFORE the auction ends is the time to go test the horses out, NOT after you win an auction.
  • When bidding on a horse as a bidder you have the option to compete in the auction and place one bid at a time or just put in your maximum bid and allow the proxy bid software to bid the lowest amount possible on your behalf each time you are outbid. (see videos on the home page showing examples)
  • If you are not computer savvy you can email or call us to set up over the phone bidding.
  • Each auction will have a scheduled end time/date but be aware that during the last 10 minutes of the auction that 2 minutes will be added to the clock every time that a bid is placed so that there is no chance of a last-second “sniper” bid which is so common on eBay as time expires.
  • As a bidder if you win an auction you are expected to make payment for the horse within 48 hours of the end of the auction. As a high bidder you will receive a call within a few minutes of the auction ending from Platinum (502-930-8243) to arrange payment. Platinum Equine Auction COLLECTS ALL PAYMENTS. Money Wires and Cashiers checks are both acceptable payment methods. All checks must be cleared before horses ship out.
  • You may pick up your purchase in person. Each seller will be able to work with the buyers to set up shipping with a professional shipping company if needed, to any state or Canada. International shipping is also an option. You may email or call us at Platinum Equine to assist with this as well.

We hope that everyone has a pleasant and fun experience here at Platinum Equine Auction where your dream horse is only one bid away!!!